Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Def Leppard

def leppard is an older english band that appeared in the late 70's. band members are rick savage on bass pete willis on guitar and tony kenning playing the drums. when they first came around they were a new wave of british heavy metal. they also sold more records in the 80's appart from van halen.

Black Horse Tour

nickelback will be going on a tour to premote there latest album black horse. its going to be a world wide tour . with some other popular bands such as papa roach, hinder, and saving abel. nickelback and hinder are great bands id go see a show in the tour maybe you should to

Monday, March 9, 2009

Video Games...Bad?

a lot of parents don't like video games simply because they believe its teaching there child violence. with games such as gears of war i don't blame them. but as in my last blog i prefer to play guitar hero really and need for speed or i play an online called runescape (my user is wildbob10 in case you wanted to know). but i think the violence comes from movies and the TV not video games. you ever seen a kid trying to impersonate crash bandicut? no he would rather pretend to be like the hulk or spiderman and try stuff that just isnt possible in the real world anyway what do you guys think?

Guitar Hero

for a lot of people guitar hero is just a game but for some its a life style with competitions around the country and with prize money offered its more then just a game for some. i enjoy playing it and want to enter one of these competitions one of these days but its not that important. to me its just a game although I'm decent and can play just about any song on expert. i used to think it was dumb but i tried it out one time and found out it was pretty cool. there's a guitar hero metallica coming out at the end of the month. anyway if you haven't checked it out you should might be worth your time

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tool.... An Unknown Band

its an odd band with a mixture of different music genre its a mixture of breaking benjamins melodic ways with those heavy metal guitar sounds of metallica or iron maiden (without those insane solos) its mostly instrumental but does have lyrics im not even sure if it would fit in with the conventional emo music style but ive always been a bit different.... some of the better songs are schism,parabola,vicarious (ironically all are on guitar hero) its worth exploring new kinds of music im always looking for new bands give it a look eh?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Linkin Park: minutes to midnight

For Linkin Park, making 'minutes to midnight' was a different kind of album for the band. This album took longer to make than others and it is considered to be deeper on many levels. some people say linkin park has changed and not for the better either i prefer those emo screamo songs more but i believe that this mellowed out linkin park is still good... : )